A chronological collection of writing during my son’s first fortnight of life, in Neonatal ICU. Decimated is one word for it. Ravaged, another. Your wife’s body Passive: the body of your wife Actively, damaged. Managed and mined in this strangely unnatural excavation. This somehow natural situation, In search of a jewel. But what we find, […]

A chronological collection of writing during my son’s first fortnight of life, in Neonatal ICU. Your eyes open. You struggle for a moment to remember where you are. You are home. The other side of the bed is empty. You reach for your phone, hoping morning has come. It is 3.18 am. For the first […]

Congratulations  Sporadic snatches of text message that you can’t quite keep up with. Some you catch, like waves, for surf. Some you leave to curve into the distance. Pick them up later. Like coins dropped by well wishers. Not fishing. Just giving the moment definition. But oceans have a bed And wells have a shallow […]

Hiphoped is a critical thing. and these are some of the responses: How can hiphop help decolonise the imagination? What does hiphop mean for modern young people? What is the relevance of hiphop, today? What is hiphop’s relationship to modern pop culture? How has hiphop influenced youth culture? What can hiphop teach us about creativity […]

Hello again. So my recent post on Otherness in ‘Friends’ seems to have generated a deal of debate in the Twittersphere (and in my living room) regarding the exact ethnicity of key ‘Friends’ friends. In a nutshell, my theory hinges on the fact that Rachel (as the jewel being chased by everyone’s favourite neurotic, Ross) […]

Hello. Happy 2015. So, it’s the dying embers of the Christmas holidays and I’m sat with my wife, watching a string of ‘Friends’ episodes (recently purchased box-set, second-hand). We’re currently in the midst of season 2, and Ross has just kissed Rachel. Naturally, we chose this moment to turn the commentary on and, of course, […]

Nari looked down at the splashback on his beige chinos and wondered how long it would take for the droplets to dry off. He shook his hands limply and another few drops materialised on his thighs. He sighed. No paper towels again. His phone buzzed in his pocket. A fly buzzed too close past his […]


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