The BRIDGES mixtape

BRIDGES is my latest collection of verse. I think, for now, we can call it a ‘poetry mixtape’. Within its pages you will find poems and lyrics to songs. So…

Click here to read BRIDGES

Click here to download the BRIDGES booklet and all audio tracks

Watch the video for ‘Like Gatsby at Thirty’, below (by the excellent team at Let Them Talk Productions):

Or you can listen to the tracks direct, below:

01 Midwinter Spring

02 Like gatsby at Thirty

03 The Real Deal Dilettante Fraud

04 Unimagined Forces at the Royal Festival Hall

05 Context!

06 Like Gulliver among the Houyhnhnms

07 The Literary Dress Code (an extended metaphor)

I would recommend that you read BRIDGES as you would any other collection of poetry, but, for maximum impact, you should listen to the audio tracks simultaneously. The BRIDGES download includes mp3 files of each song so you don’t have to re-visit this page for the audio. Once again, you can find the complete download here:

As ever, enjoy.

Best wishes,

-Unseen Flirtations

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