The OFSTED mixtape

Last year I started putting together a few cover versions of current hip hop hits, featuring none other than myself on vocals, rapping about all things teaching. The product is The OFSTED mixtape. Momentous, I know. See/ click below to listen.

Click here to download the OFSTED mixtape

And as a little taster, here’s a link to Stay Teachin’, on youtube:

Track listing:

Teaching Otis (Otis remix – Kanye West/ JAY-Z)

On With the Lesson (On to the Next One remix – JAY-Z)

If Teachers Were Like Footballers (Uptown remix – Drake)

Michael Gove is a Monster (Monster remix – Kanye West)

Money Love Teaching (Crew Love remix – Drake)

The Hurt Locker (Light Up remix – Drake)

Who is that? (Who Dat remix – J. Cole)

Stay Teachin’ (Stay Schemin remix – Rick Ross)

Sex Talk (a true story) (The Motto remix – Drake)


Unseen Flirtations (aka ‘Sir’)

One thought on “The OFSTED mixtape

  1. Sir thisis my new lyrics fr stay scheming

    Lemme just get started 
    This life be full of suprises
    Some points we like it but some times just Neva mind it
    Proud of the old me long gone never gona find him
    Standing on my own feet bout ime I got established
    Never loose never you try walking in my shoes
    U can say wateva man that I ain’t good as you
    Hate to say it but it’s time u faced the truth
    My bars be on fire heat blazing in this fuckin booth
    I do it for no one except my family I will stay loving u
    Shout out to unseen nd ndj without u I won’t be recording tunes
    Forgiven the past but now I be moving on
    Shit all my feeling be locked in this single song
    Come a long way these experiences are my motivation
    I don’t see y u be on hype bout ur frustration
    Can’t stop the destiny the new era is to be born 
    This is nuffin it’s just the calm before the storm

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