‘The Accidental Bubble’

The accidental bubble that popped into existence completely overshot expectations by floating out of the window into the cool summer air. It floated happily upwards and outwards into the skies beyond and caught gentle currents that took it far beyond it was ever meant to go. Due to an impossibly unlikely combination of breezes, temperatures and subtle pressures of air, the tiny bubble survived for years adrift, circumnavigating the globe in bobs and lifts. Had it been aware, it would have marvelled at sunsets, oceans, forests and mountain ranges that shone in majestic beauty and vertiginous awe. But as it was, it was just a happy bubble, completely overshooting is expected trajectory.

Eventually, long after the demise of our own civilisation, the unexpected inevitable happened. The bubble responded as a bubble would to forces beyond its control and beyond its capabilities of resistance. It popped. There was no sadness or pathos in this event. No anxiety or build up of fear. No atonement before, no mourning after. All that can be said is that the bubble was exactly as it would have been at death after eons as it would have been at death after seconds. It had experienced existence and it had not experienced change. And when it was gone it would be gone for more forevers than it could ever realised it had missed.


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