Finlay’s Hours: ‘Definition’


A chronological collection of writing during my son’s first fortnight of life, in Neonatal ICU.


Strength is the ability to assimilate the extraordinary into the ordinary.

Bravery is the ability to meet each upwards oscillation of fate with a new intensity of frequency that establishes a new plateau from previously unspoken peaks.

Fear is the complete and overwhelming realisation that you have no means to control the things, seen or unseen, that threaten to alter the accepted defaults of your existence.

Relief is the realisation that expectations have not changed.

Joy is the acceptance of good fortune.

Happiness is the confirmed acknowledgment of Relief.

Guilt is the suspicion that you could, or should, or might be able to effect changes in your current stability that could prevent Fear from infiltrating your personal circumstances.

Love is the inability to exist on your own elemental terms, independent of the existence of another element.

Support is the tendency to recognise the underlying beneficial factors in someone else’s decisions and meet these factors with your own enthusiasm.

Commitment is the ability to choose Support on spite of Fear.

Worry is the early onset of Guilt.

-Unseen Flirtations


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