Finlay’s Hours: ‘Congratulations’


Sporadic snatches of text message that you can’t quite keep up with.
Some you catch, like waves, for surf.
Some you leave to curve into the distance.
Pick them up later.
Like coins dropped by well wishers.
Not fishing.
Just giving the moment definition.
But oceans have a bed
And wells have a shallow that this moment hasn’t.
Far deeper than that.
And all the best wishes become swimming fish,
With or against the tide that you paddle in.

Finlay’s Hours on tumblr

At 12.35pm on Saturday 4th April 2015, my wife gave birth to our first child, Finlay. After a successful delivery, Finlay began showing symptoms of illness, including respiratory problems.

Whilst my wife was in in theatre undergoing surgical repair, Finlay was admitted to neonatal intensive care to be treated for an undiagnosed infection.

The following posts will comprise a chronological collection of my unedited writing from the day after delivery up until the present.

-J Boakye


2 thoughts on “Finlay’s Hours: ‘Congratulations’

    • Thanks! He’s home now and more or less recovered. Was an intense fortnight. Now, just the tricky business of, y’know, raising him.

      I should send you a picture! Hope all is well with you and yours.


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