Take no heroes; only inspiration.

Compelling thoughts on the potential reduction of scope and erosion of purpose that may come of a research-based approach to education and pedagogic development.

tait coles @Totallywired77 - PuNk Learning

I’ve been reading a lot of Biesta recently, and thinking.

The idea of evidence-based research and linking it to current practice and policy takes its origins from the field of medicine; it has since spread to other professions such as social work, probation, clinical psychology and now, education.

Evidence-based research assumes that any professional action of practitioners is an intervention. Research, sometimes through randomised controlled tests, looks for evidence on the effectiveness of these interventions. In other words, the research finds out ‘what works’.

Using the extensive writing of Biesta and informative conversations with real life educational researchers, I would like to argue that we need to consider very carefully whether the framework that successfully links research to professional practice in medicine, is appropriate for education.

If we look at the causal model of evidence-based research we see that it is based on the idea that a professional does something, intervening…

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