Ask the kids: “Exams Should Burn In Hell”

As you know, the GCSEs are changing.

As of 2017, students will be required to undergo 100% exam-based assessment, with (in English) zero weighting on Speaking and Listening. The idea, according to Michael Gove, is that assessment at the end of KS4 should be more rigorous – including more challenging content and a more stringent examination regime.

My year 7s and 8s have just completed a series of exams, spanning all subjects. As part of a refection, my year 7 tutor group spent the morning discussing how they feel about the process, now it’s all over.

We started by brainstorming a few prompt questions, before silently reflecting individually. Then we gathered for a P4C (Philosophy For Children) style discussion, based on our notes.

We finished up with a single-sentence summary of our thoughts, below:

WP_20140703_005 WP_20140703_004 WP_20140703_003 WP_20140703_002 WP_20140703_001 WP_20140703_009 WP_20140703_008 WP_20140703_007 WP_20140703_006


Food for thought…

-Unseen Flirtations


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