How to be a ‘Designer Teacher’



I’m a firm believer in style. I’m a firm believer in design. I believe design to be the simplest solution to a problem, achieved with minimal or no superfluity.

In recent years, my approach to teaching has been increasingly tinted by these beliefs. I aim to be a stylish teacher, not in terms of gloss but in the simplicity and efficacy of my pedagogy.

Designer Teaching will be a series of insights into moments of design that I have honed in my teaching career to date. Designer Teaching will NOT be:

  • a series of Top Tips
  • examples of so called ‘best practice’
  • teach-ready resources


Designer Teaching WILL be:

  • based on testimony
  • road-tested
  • inspirational
  • ever so slightly pretentious


Hopefully, you’ll get from this series a sense of what I value and (moreover) inspiration for your own ‘next-practice’. Expect regular updates.

Yours, in teaching,

-Unseen Flirtations
TES Teaching Resources


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