In London (Part 3) – Deep Deep Down

The saga continues… Shout out to all the recent Walthamstownions, especially the ones who were originally looking at Leytonstone but couldn’t afford the four desirable streets therein.


In London (part 3) – Deep Deep Down

Let’s talk about Walthamstow:
The only place left to afford to go.
And only if you are half a couple –
The mortgage is only half the struggle.
The other half is the compromise;
House price house size and the familyes,
I mean families you’ll be sharing streets with,
Will you find yourself ostracised?
Or will you find yourself coming up?
When the house market’s all kind of fucked
And you kind of need the people you see,
At the farmer’s market, once a week.

People like me, who, recently
Moved east to live a bit decently,
And the people here in existence be
Moved on squeezed out and kicked to the


Hm. My enthusiasm
To be on the ladder,
Has produced a chasm
The real me and the realer me,
Perturbed by the things that appeal to me.
Cos I want safe streets in the evening,
And I want nice shops to be leaning in,
And want nice pubs to be eating in,
But all these things: am I needing them?

When I leave my house, and go for a run
I’m underdressed but still overdone,
Cos my Niké shorts and socks match the top,
Much more than the people at the stop:
Bus stop, so I have to jog
Fast-er so I don’t feel like a snob.
I see them looking and see them see
Me, representing the recently
Exploded postal code, I mean,
People like me are on the scene
Deep deep deep down E17:
Walthamstow is not where I’ve been,
But it’s where I stay – it’s now where I live
And it’s taking more than I cared to give
Cos I’m making it, a desirable place,
You can see my status and my face-
-book page updates: I’ve just been tagged
At a farmer’s market with the dads,
Flat caps and canvas bags
I still feel like an add
It goes – I feel the shift.
I am the shift and feel like the rift
Immigrants and migrant climbers,
My wife and I and all of our rivals
By which I mean the people we saw,
House hunting round from door to door,
From street to street and from place to place,
High streets, side streets but no estates,
Or cul-de-sacs
Or rental schemes,
East London’s where we’ve laid our dreams.
Utopia, is affordable
And repairs are fully quotable
And once the natives have sold them all,
We might just need a moat for all
Of all our trendy things and stuff
That we’ve taken, bought and grown out of noth
Here’s hoping it’s enough
To prevent house prices from ever tumb

to be continued

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