In London (Part 2) – Tasting the Difference


The ambivalence continues…

In London (part 2) – Tasting the Difference

I made it so far and I’m back –
But the other side of the tracks –
Last time I was here I was attached to my mum
Now I’m here selling things with my wife –

Brixton’s changed in a way
I can say that it isn’t the same as back in the day.
Back in the day, it was black in a way
That is fading? Perhaps I’m attacking the way
That the people attracted have actually stayed.
Taken their place at the top. It’s a shame
That the Have Nots have not got any way
To remain in the chain – taken away
And replaced over time;
Brand new faces (it’s taken a while)
New shop fronts like Sainsbury’s, for instance:
Flavour of the month and I’m Tasting the Difference,
Eating falafels sat in the Village –
With tourists.
Smell all the fishes;
Ignore it.
But if it’s a market still can I ask if it’s really a part of the heritage?

Yeah it is,
No it isn’t.
Coal gets snowed by the fall of a blizzard.
Transformed like the tricks of a wizard,
Brixton’s switched to a risen position
If I like it, it’s not bad is it?
Open a Waitrose and put bags in it.
Brixton and Hackney now be attracting
Exactly the people I want to be matched with…

to be continued


In London (Part 1) – Mr Black Hipster



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