Poetry: ‘Sanity’s a Habit’

Something I started as a spoken word piece, that kind of functions as a written poem. Read with rhythm, starting with a heavy emphasis on the first syllable of each line. And gesticulate. Wildly.



Sanity’s a Habit

Sanity’s a habit we are grabbing with two hands and we are

Hoping all the practice we are having is a plan and we are

Capable of anything, create upon demand and making

Sense of nearly everything and anything we can and we are


Capable of shaping with these brains that are a filter, keeping

Messy, undefined and violent lines in kind of kilter and our

Will to take the moment we are holding is revealed to be

Delusional and ludicrous and dangerous and built to make the


Chaos we inhabit have a semblance of meaning, meaning

What we understand is partly planned and partly seen and even

Seeing is a question of our shared, collective being, being

Rigid in reflection at the very least agreeing, For to


Me insanity is just a form of disagreement and the

Way I see can never be the way you choose to see it, yet we

Shuffle on the tracks and seem to be at least coherent… but the

Closer that we get to where we start, the more we fear it.


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