Poetry: ‘Blue Jean Team’

Blue Jean Team

We’re the
Lifestyle chasing,
Story botching,
Signal seeking,
Diamond chasing,
Pride denying,
Icon crumbling,
Planet renting,
Frontier claiming,
Denim wearing…

Blue Jean Team:
Small screen starers,
Cheap clothes wearers,
Old hope bearers.
New child namers,
Space race racers,
Blue Jean Team:
Frontier claimers.

Blue Jean Team:
Resource wasters,
New god fearers,
Slow change gearers.
Self directors,
Svelte inventors,
Blue Jean Team:
Planet renters.

Blue Jean Team:
Fossil fuellers,
Nature slavers,
Nature’s rulers.
High street shufflers,
Language mumblers,
Blue Jean Team:
Icon crumblers.

Blue Jean Team:
Primark’s finest,
History finders,
Mountain climbers.
Lion watchers,
Lion minders,
Blue Jean Team:
Pride deniers.

Blue Jean Team:
Patient waiters,
Contact wanters,
Window shoppers,
Blue Jean Team:
Diamond chasers.

Blue Jean Team:
#hashtag readers
God believers,
God conceivers.
Black box speakers,
Blue Jean Team:
Signal seekers.

Blue Jean Team:
Cork unbottlers,
Sci-fi toddlers,
Old myth throttlers.
New rule makers,
Old rule breakers,
Blue Jean Team:
Story botchers.

Blue Jean Team:
Fast food feeders,
Cautious eaters,
Guardian readers.
Ideal chasers,
IKEA makers,
Blue Jean Team:
Lifestyle chasers.

Seams are sewn with thread that binds
And winds our lives with woven stitch,
The patches lined with silks unseen
Are raw in dye or rough refined.

-Unseen Flirtations


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