The 9 Stages of Ofsted (featuring Homer Simpson)

Unseen Flirtations

A sober breakdown of what to expect when an Ofsted inspection is announced at your school. With pictures of Homer Simpson for the sake of levity. Enjoy.

Stage 1: Denial

Out of nowhere, the call will arrive. News will filter through the school like so much playground gossip until an official notification is made by management. Ofsted are coming. Unless your school has been subject to an inspection in recent years, I would imagine that most Heads are poised for the call. That said, whilst the shock of the unexpected is felt by all, many if not most will assert a casual indifference. Thus, this initial period will be relatively calm as nerves only begin to bristle, and the reality of the situation is yet to become palpable. Note: some will immediately capitulate into a wide-eyed panic, but these individuals will be dismissed as over-reactors by the determinedly nonchalant majority.

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