Poetry: ‘Graceland’

So, I’ve been reading Instagram comments. I’m looking to appropriate the lesser-known freeform literary artform that is Instagram comment hashtagging. You heard it here first.



In this jazz of internet and twitter tags and instagrams I will be #paul #simon taking, shaping, re-creating, embracing, shaking punctuation #homeless

Dear god, let me hashtag my way into fame and ovation. I’m feeling #mainstream I’m feeling #white #light decision is my only plight.

I’ll take these shapeless drips and make them sonnet-slick oh yes I can #obama #firstblackman to redefine the rulers #metaphor

I’ll take the place of television, strip-light zeitgeist. Who knows or cares if they will share it? It’s you I’m typing for #newjazz #newrules #feelingwhite #elvis

-Unseen Flirtations


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