Poetry: ‘Twerking Starlet: Miley C’

Twerking Starlet: Miley C
When word of birth in violent climate
Finds its way to glossy pages,
Via the rise of Miley Cyrus,
I just gaze in mild amazement.

All the way from broken diction,
Never written – only spoken,
Into dictionary fiction,
Taken, chosen, maybe stolen.

Appropriated by the rulers,
Straightened up with measured edges,
Redefined by newer users
Unconfused in cool acceptance.

But do they know of slang linguistics?
Taken from society’s margin?
Portmanteaued and flipped and twisted
And developed from the darkness?

Dafuq you think? That this is English?
Tailored for the OED?
Twerk; verb – well, to begin with –
Set in motion, roaming free.

Tweak it like a chinese whisper,
Take it to a better life.
Work it Miley, work it sista,
Work it like a stereotype.

Take it black, like exploitation.
Coffy, baby (-Quentin T.)
Make it whiter: integration,
Twerking starlet: Miley C.



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