Poetry: ‘When Typeface Takes’

Note: Don’t over think this one.


When Typeface Takes
When typeface takes an r and an n
And camouflages them into an m
And ‘modern day’ becomes ‘modem day’
And poets old (too cold to say)
Will find the only mode to stay
Is digital,
I dig it all.
Unearth the graves and turn the pages,
Scroll to stay or click away,
With push and flick and prod and press

And into nets I sea…
And wave goodbye to earlier tides
I saved the rhymes I had in mind
The internet might be…

A resting place for thoughts in form
From pen in stasis, graved in scrawl,
I roll in ink my printed thoughts
Beneath the bar (the URL)
I paste it all
(I post as well)
And search for what I had in mind
And what I found, is all I find
Until a typed mistake reminds me
That the seas I sail aren’t deep.
And I decide to keep it.

-Un:seen Flirt:a:tions


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