Wedding Poem: ‘You Will, You Were, You Are’

Hello again,

Ok, so this one is slightly twee, but entirely fitting for the occasion for which it was written; the wedding ceremony of two friends. My wife and I collaborated on it after I came up with the title and rhyme scheme.

Anyway, enjoy, (and if you’re getting married, feel free to plagiarise)

You Will, You Were, You Are

In the future, when you are grey
You’ll look at photos of this day
And laugh together as you say:
“Look! We looked so happy!”

In the future, you will be
Reminiscing, tenderly
About when you were young and free:
You will still be happy.

In the future, in your home
That you’ve really made your own
Neither of you will be alone
That will make you happy.

In the past, when you were young
Running round and having fun
Getting cleaned and fed by mum
Weren’t you both so happy?

In the past, before you met
Going out to cast the net
Way before your lives were set:
You thought you were so happy.

In the past, you didn’t know
Just how far your love would go
Until this man made that proposal,
And made you both so happy.

Here today, with loving guests
You’ve come to make a special pledge.
A promise that will stand the test
Of time: And we are happy.

Here today – your marriage starts
The wedding is just one small part
Of all the love you have in heart:
The love that makes you happy.

Here today – you start your life
And this is not a sacrifice
As bride and groom, husband and wife
“May you always be this happy”

Here today – you’ve said “I do”
The dawn of a new life for you
You’ll leave as one, though you came as two:
We know you will be happy.




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