Poetry: ‘At the moment’ (a sonnet)

A proper sonnet, from the archives. Enjoy.

At the moment

I haven’t changed at all in all this time.
The sky’s no darker than it was. In fact
It could be brighter. Squinting at the shine,
I’m winking at the sun. It’s winking back
At me. Suspended in its daily arc.
Not here nor there not forward or behind.
I’ve managed to forget the coming dark.
But no – there’s something morbid in that line
That I’ve just written. As I read it back
I feel the present slip, into the past,
Again. I’m back to living on the track
Of time. I wish I wasn’t, but I can’t

Be here, alive and consciously aware,
While trying to pretend that I’m not here.


Note: Sonnets are complex creatures, in form, content and style. See below for the structural elements (if you don’t already know) and bear in mind that the content has to follow similar guidelines. I have attempted to conform to these rules in a fluid, innocuous style.


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