Poetry: ‘Exit: Via sky’

I saw a bird hopping around in the train tracks, and this is what he was thinking.

If I need to cross your barriers, I take to wing and fly,
Because I can and so I am and so your rules need not apply.
As I hop into the tracks and prove the third is not alive,
I am railing ‘gainst your dangers and I know I am alive.

In my nudity resplendent, clothed in nothing but my skin,
I make games of all your dangers – games I play and games I win.
Swooping low into the tar of all the places that you stay,
Before pecking at detritus that I find and fly away.

All your contexts are a fiction I will never understand,
As your mind is so much bigger and my plan is not so grand.
But from where I soar above you, what I see is what you can’t:
Every margin, every angle, every line and every slant.

If you caught me, you would cage me; keep me safe and let me sing
Of the places I have seen and all the things that I have been.
But you’ll never understand me, ‘cos my language is not rooted
In communication routes that you could ever hope to choose.

It’s not that you are slow or stupid, or that I am fly and lucid,
It’s just I can rhyme to music you are blind to – when I move it’s
Out of line, and out of place and you can’t chase me ‘cos you’re rooted:
Tethered to whatever clever thing you’ve built but cannot move.

It’s kind of funny,
So I laugh,
And when I laugh,
You hear the music
Of my song…
…and the melody can never be refuted.
So I sing…
And the melody can never be disputed.
And I laugh…
And the melody can never be disputed.
And I sing…
And the melody can never be disputed…
(exit: via sky)

-Flirtations, U

ps: Audio coming soon. Watch this space: ________________________

pps: Did you ever feel like this bird? Worth pondering…

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