Poetry: ‘Art/ Work’

Art/ Work

Sometimes, you have to tapdance

Through laser beams

To show everybody

Just how skilled you are.


And sometimes, you have to trudge

Through lanes and streams

To show everybody

Just how real you are.


But sometimes,

You have to spend lifetimes

Learning to park an 18-wheeler car.

Just so you can do it daily,

Casual yet so amazing,

And you know that what you’ve made is

Real. Because it feels like art.

-Flirtations, U


Note: So I’ve just finished watching an episode of ‘Talking Funny’ on youtube (above), in which comedians Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, Louis CK and Jerry Seinfeld shared an open discussion of their work, art and ideologies.

If you don’t know, I already hold stand up comedy to be one of mankind’s most fascinating developments. The rhythms and craft behind getting laughs, coupled with the self-absorbed social commentary makes it a truly potent artfrom, as beautiful in its skating through text, context and subtext as any ‘high’ art.

Anyway, at one point in the video (below), Jerry Seinfield says that Louis CK can get away with a joke centred on rape because it is so exquisite in its execution. He says: “You tap-danced through laser beams…”They then get to talking about the level of skill involved in a given action, and the extent to which this qualifies the action itself. Which all got me thinking. The result is this little poem.



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