Teaching: How to use your Word Wall

Hello teachers. Presenting: a ready-made vocabulary starter kit, just for you, if you care to read on…

I was recently tasked with developing vocabulary across departments; specifically focussing on getting everyone to use Word Walls in their lessons. My solution was simple – ask every teacher to give me 10-15 words of relevance to their current unit of work and compile into displays such as this (from my own unit of work):

wordwall1 wordwall2

Then, to avoid simply having them up in rooms gathering dust, I compiled a simple list of activities linked to Bloom’s taxonomy of thinking  skills. See below:


  • Which words will be most relevant to the Learning Objective?


  • Rank vocabulary in order of importance

  • Group vocabulary into different categories


  • Take two or more words and invite students to find a link between them

  • Take two or more words and invite students to compare them. What are the main differences? Why?


  • Simply define the word. I like giving the class 5 responses to build the best definition.

  • Choose a word and decide which words are in its semantic field. Eg: ‘angle’ – corner, tight, bend, turn, sharp, shallow, etc


  • Taboo – describe a word without saying the word itself or other related words

  • Memory games. Study the Word Wall for a short while, then remove it and ask students to list as many words as they can remember

  • Repetition/ chanting


  • Use a selection of words in a sentence (that must make sense)

As a result, each teacher now had ready-made ‘literacy’ starters linked specifically to their current schemes of work.

That’s it.

As ever, Enjoy. More later…

-Unseen Flirtations

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