Teaching: Poker Test (a zero-prep plenary)

This has saved my proverbial pedagogic bacon many a time…

The premise is simple – an interactive that can be applied to any topic that requires no setting up at all. Here’s the rules (for the students):


  • Write the numbers 1 – 10 in a list.

  • I will ask a question. If you know the answer to the question raise your hand.

  • If you do not, keep your hand down and put a cross next to that number.

  • I will then choose someone with a raised hand to answer the question. If the person answers correctly everyone with their hand raised gets a tick.

  • If that person answers incorrectly, everyone with their hand raised gets a cross. The person who answered loses all of their ticks so far. Unlucky

  • Happy bluffing!

There are many benefits to this. Including:

  • Zero set up requirements
  • Questions can be devised literally on the spot
  • All the risk of answering questions is turned into a game
  • Fun

One warning: a Poker Test can take up 20 odd minutes of a lesson – if you let it breathe. You have been warned.


-Unseen Flirtations


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