Poetry: In Our Boats (inspired by ‘Life of Pi’)

A poem about faith, reason and everything in between, inspired by Yann Martel’s ‘Life of Pi’. Slightly sober and a bit too earnest, but it was either this or an essay based on my five and a half pages of notes/ annotations. Seriously.



In our boats
And lost at sea
Reason is the thing we need
Finding lines
And making shapes
Out of all this empty space

In the chaos
Of the waves
May we find we’re all the same
All in need
Of what we miss
All we are is all adrift

Sea of Faith:
Can this be home?
Its depth, untested, never known?
We bob atop
The waves and reefs
Unlike the beasts who swim beneath

Where freedom reigns
The water that we need, a cage
The water that we yearn to drink
The salty depths in which we sink
The salty, stinging, swirling depths
The depths of self, the length and breadth
Of oceans rolling in our souls
Where raging sharks and tigers roam.



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