Poetry: Like

Hello again. A discourse on the word ‘like’ (which I think is a real 21st century phenomenon). Details below:


When did it emerge from its cocoon of mewling verb
Into this flapping flop of filler flying through our spoken words?

Who decided every second word of conversation
Would become a little pause of audio procrastination?

When did it transform from affirmation in the warm
Into a scolding bold endorsement of a comment, on a Wall?

How did it go round from minor verb to major noun
That can be somehow really meaningless and really quite profound?

Is it saying anything or is it shouted silence
By a generation hesitant to say what’s on their mind?

Is it just a synonym for ‘Oh my god, I love it!’
When unregistered approval is impossible to publish?

Why is there a button that invites a conversation
Over liking or disliking what it is or where it came from?

How can it so casually intensify uncertainty
By saying nothing but being simultaneous hyperbole?



2 thoughts on “Poetry: Like

    • Thank you! If I was a film, I’d have that quote on my poster.

      I’ve recently been writing as much as I can – putting myself and my language under as much pressure as possible. You never know when something good will emerge.

      Anyway, thanks again for reading/ sharing. I’ll try and keep it interesting…

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