Poetry: [insert feeling old]

Anyone like nostalgia?


<insert feeling old>

Remember when <insert technology that’s out of date>?
Yes! And <dead celebrity’s programme> Oh, that was great!
Remember <insert anecdote accompanied by year>
I can’t believe we used to wear <item of clothing here>
I used to have a <toy from your childhood>, remember that?
I used to have a <similar product>. Oh really? Snap!
We used to <insert rite of passage> Crazy! Yeah, I know!
These kids today just play with <your latest purchase> at home.
Was <major life event> really <a number> years ago…?
We’re getting on, I’m starting to <insert feeling old>.



3 thoughts on “Poetry: [insert feeling old]

    • Good to hear from you!

      I’m long overdue a visit… You won’t believe me but, strangely enough, I was just talking about you this morning.

      Hope all is well. Speak soon,


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