Poetry: Premium Plus

Note: For a number of reasons (that I am more than happy to go into) I believe this may be one of my… most effective poems to date.  There, I said it. I’ve channelled all sorts for this one, so handle with care and, as ever,



Premium Plus

What you’re reading isn’t free.
You don’t do ‘economy’.
You’ve never valued ‘free’ and thus
I deem this ditty ‘Premium Plus’.

The value you assign belies
The value of these rhyming lines
And so I tell you: This is worth
A whole lot more than you deserve.
This verse is first in class; you can’t
Afford a ticket, so you ask
To be upgraded, though you know
You haven’t got the funds and so
You pine and wish and whine and sigh
And wonder which design to buy.
It matters not. For in the end
Your happiness depends on spend.

So what I’m writing isn’t free.
(I’ll never have autonomy)
I need not value ‘free’ and thus
I deem this ditty ‘Premium Plus’.

But have you spent? Have you divested?
Is this worth what you invested?
Has it met your self-respect and
Are your values safely met?
Given free is charity
And charitee is not for thee
For thine requirements are high
(Donated verse need not apply).
So pay me – like a millionaire.
It may be fair. It may be fare.
And if your payment shows you care
Then pay respect, and never share…

For what we’ve shared cannot be free.
The words of our economy
Were never truly free and thus
I deem this ditty: ‘Premium Plus’.



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