FIRST BREAK – download now!

Hello all,

1. Apologies for the hiatus.

2. It’s arrived! Click on the image below for your free download of…

The second in my string of mixtapes is finally here (for your listening pleasure) and it’s called FIRST BREAK:

01: They Call Me Sir

02: Stylin Out

03: Teachas in Classes

04: Spelling Bee

05: Never Understand Me

06: Old School Til Infinity

07: G to the Izzo

08: Glass Ceiling

09: Thinking of Room (An Ode to B16)

10: Higher Set

11: This Class I’m Done

12: Empty World

13: Ticker Bomb (feat. Small Mercies)

14: Wuthering Boy (feat. Miriam Pask and my entire year 12 class)

15: Cooler Than

16: Moleskine Music

17:  Spelling Bee Remix

All kinds of remix madness on this, including Frank Ocean, Meek Mill, Kanye West, Jay Z, Tyga, J Dilla, Lords of the Underground, Big Sean, and J. Cole. But ALL of the lyrics are 100% me.

(Also, look out for Small Mercies featuring on ‘Ticker Bomb’ – a rising star in the UK MC game if you ask me… Click here for his Soundcloud page)

As ever, enjoy.



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