‘Glass Ceiling’ featuring Action Jackson

Welcome to the final FIRST BREAK preview…

I won’t lie – the current situation for teachers is fairly dire. What with Michael Gove’s bullying of classroom teachers, the dismantling of local authorities, pursuing of a free market and attack on pay, we’re in trouble. I’ve made a few songs about Mr Gove himself that I’m sure you’ve heard, bitching about all of this.

‘Glass Ceiling’ is something of an antidote to all this. This is a bittersweet elegy forward slash anthem for every PGCE student and aspiring teacher who is desperate to get into the very situation that I can be so casually pessimistic about. It summarises pretty much everything I currently feel about my profession and the future of teaching in the UK, so handle with care.

The intro and outro is a recording by motivational speaker Action Jackson extoling the virtues of ordinary classroom teachers. The instrumental is ‘Made in America’ by Kanye West and JAY-Z. The vocals are me. The lyrics are below. Enjoy.

-Unseen Flirtations

INTRO – Action Jackson speaks 


Uh – I really feel I’ve reached my ceiling,

but all these PGCE students dreaming of maybe being

In the very situation I find myself in achieving

the thing that I am complaining about’s their reason for being.

I’m seeing the situation more clearly than ever seen

I’m a teacher and I stay teachin’ I’m really living the dream

And I mean it – –

There’s 22 year-olds who want to be in

the middle of all this Chaos like Sonic getting some rings

And I’m on it.

I’m living ambition it’s my reality, actually, I have planned to be where,

I am exactly here,

With nothing handed me, yeah,

I’m at the top of the mountain and I’ve been clambering here,

But now I’m here what I fear,

Is that the top is just the bottom of another bigger ladder and it’s cold at the summit and so I shudder, it’s weird

I’m not complacent but jaded it’s fairly blatant meanwhile,

A generation of mes – are waiting patiently here.


Keep that fire…

Keep that spark…

Teach them children…

Reach that class..

.The ceiling you’re seeing is weakened glass, so

Smash that

Crack that

Smash that

Crack that



They want to be in the position that I claim to be

They want to be as busy as a bee in April’ll be

They want to be the teachers in the posters making the difference in the classroom I see it in all their faces, see?



I see them watching and waiting and thinking they could be

Doing what I do – teaching students so gracefully.

Slaloming through busy weeks I am a dangerously

Attractive advertisement for a job that can be craziliy

Crazy and crazy may be the only accurate cate-gory –

Category for the peopl’who want to trade with me,

But I don’t blame them ‘cos teaching really is great and we

Really should not complain about little things such as pay but we…


While you.

New teachers.

Come through.

And you—

Might have to pay, 9k for the privilege so can I just say…


While you.

New teachers.

Come through.

And you—

Might have to pay, 9k for the privilege so can I just say…


OUTRO – Action Jackson

coming soon (ish)


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