The OFSTED mixtape

1.Happy half term!

2. Apologies if you’re not a teacher

3. It’s arrived!

Last year I started putting together a few cover versions of current hip hop hits, featuring none other than myself on vocals, rapping about all things teaching. The product is The OFSTED mixtape. Momentous, I know. See/ click below to listen.

Click here to download the OFSTED mixtape

And as a little taster, here’s a link to Stay Teachin’, on youtube:

and here’s a link to the freewheeling celebration of Me that is ‘Teaching Otis’.

Track listing:

Teaching Otis (Otis remix – Kanye West/ JAY-Z)

On With the Lesson (On to the Next One remix – JAY-Z)

If Teachers Were Like Footballers (Uptown remix – Drake)

Michael Gove is a Monster (Monster remix – Kanye West)

Money Love Teaching (Crew Love remix – Drake)

The Hurt Locker (Light Up remix – Drake)

Who is that? (Who Dat remix – J. Cole)

Stay Teachin’ (Stay Schemin remix – Rick Ross)

Sex Talk (a true story) (The Motto remix – Drake)


-Unseen Flirtations (aka ‘Sir’)

6 thoughts on “The OFSTED mixtape

  1. Thanks sir I have already finished writting just need to fix some things this is my verse 1
    Fuck these dreams this money imma get it
    Take this as a death wish or just anuva message
    I am comin for u nd u best get a medic
    At the end of the day yes I said it
    Listen keep scheming and your life will be rip ended
    I am back cuz best don’t forget it
    Check it now I ball hard while u livin on a budget
    Uh power paper ar my objective
    I aint stoppin here this just the beginning
    New era coming tell me how u feellin
    Now listen doctor unseen and ndj on this shit
    La familia da one u aint fuckin with

    Any changes I could make feel free

    • Whoa! Loving the energy but tone down the language young man!

      Also, I was thinking we could take that ‘gangsta’ approach and channel it into something related to real school life. I was toying with the concept of a song called ‘Five Period Day’… D’you think you could come up with anything on that theme/ topic?

      (Loving the wordplay by the way!)


  2. Haaa Sir went in. The amount of respect i had for u when i first met you, has gone up so much over the last few years. You are honestly the best teacher I’ve ever had, I’ll miss u most wen i leave at the end of the year. Cant wait till u make your next mixtape!

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