‘On with the Lesson’ – a (somewhat reflective) Jay-Z remix

Hello teachers and non.

Now that I’m staring down the barrel of the end of half-term, I think it’s time to a) start confirming my status as teacher-rapper extraordinaire and b) let my increasingly cloudy feelings about teaching leak on to this very blog. I’ve taken a break from marking year 7 assessments to record a little something to the tune of Jay-Z’s ‘On to the Next One’, which I have cunningly entitled ‘On with the lesson’.

Crap wordplay aside, it’s a fairly introspective look at the reality teachers face of an infinite stream of kids, all of whom need to be moulded into something like a ‘good student’ (or at least good citizen) in the short time that they are in our care. The weird part is that you can’t really give yourself the opportunity to congratulate yourself; even a triumphant lesson dwindles in significance when in the context of a lifetime of lessons.

So, as you’ll hear in the song, you’re left with a big bag of ambivalence – feeling callous, but sensitive, elated, but exhausted, valued but worthless, privileged but exploited, etc etc, and all the while the lessons just keep rolling on. The life of a teacher.


-Unseen Flirt


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