The Literary Dress Code (an extended metaphor)


Some light-hearted such and such from the pages of my wardrobe. Click below to hear the song, words beneath that:


-Unseen Flirtations

The Literary Dress Code



I haven’t got a great deal of money but I’m cool though.

Quite clever, but essentially a fool though.

Essentially a fool though?

Yeah, ‘cause I put new clothes, on a par with new books –

It’s a new code.

Dress code-

Read, and knock ‘em dead with Cool Pose,

Readabookinpublic is the latest way to pull those

Stares, glares, side glances and full blown

Looks to the face.

(The attention is great)


My copy of The Iliad is fresher than your outfit.

You’re looking at me differently like “what’s that all about?”

Then I mix it up – Hit you with some Rushdie

One time.

Switch it up –

Carol Ann Duffy

In the sunshine.


Emily or Charlotte?

Either way,

Literally dripping with style when I flick a page.

What style?

It depends what I am reading, man:

Modern, post-modern, post-post-modern, Victorian?

A great knowledge of various different genres and

I wear it on my sleeve.

Believe I’m rocking all of them.

Just the other day I  had a new Sebastian

Faulks and each page I turned was a new fashion trend.

The Seamus Heaney I keep in my blazer pocket’s

Actually an accessory – the literati rock it.

You just can’t stop it,

I have a stylish library

And what you see me reading in is all a single side of me.


Unseen Flirt:

Reads loads and makes amazing tracks.

The latest dress code includes a battered paperback

Residing in my brown, leather satchel and providing

It’s a quiet tube journey,

You just might glimpse a catch.

Catch a glimpse

I’m sorry for that mix of words.

Unseen Flirt, covered head to toe in literature.

For alliteration I’ll wear Shakespeare as a shirt,

Tennyson as trousers and Motion as a mini-skirt…


My style

Is swift like Jonathan.

Wilde-styled Oscar.

Libraries? I bother them.

Because I walk in fully butt-naked,

Rearrange the place and leave

Covered in pages.

A disgrace to see them go wasted,

Under-read people look like old vagrants.

Start by wearing a waistcoat

Made out of chapters,

Do it in stages…



4 thoughts on “The Literary Dress Code (an extended metaphor)

  1. “I had a new Sebastian Faulks” – “A Week in December” is a pretty fantastic novel if it happened to be that…

    • Confession: I haven’t read that one!

      The last Sebastian Faulks I read was ‘Engleby’, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have ‘A Week In December’ sitting on my bookshelf as we speak though – will investigate…

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