Unimagined Forces at the Royal Festival Hall

Something I wrote at a writers’ group I attend. On an adventure around the Royal Festival Hall I found a quiet function room in the back of the members’ area. I returned to it twice during the day and let myself speculate as to what was kicking off in there. About a hundred chairs in a slight arc facing a grey desk, behind which sat four chairs. Whilst writing this, a security guard found me and moved me on, which is when I found out a wedding reception was to take place. Then I got thrown out of the members’ section entirely.
I might set this to music at some point and add it to my growing list of songs, but for now, you can read it.

Unimagined Forces at the Royal Festival Hall


At the moment, it’s a tomb.

But this room will be awoken

With the volume and emotion

Of words that remain unspoken.

Kalmer than ‘you’ll get what’s coming to you’ an open

Window invites a breeze that’s unseen but leads to motion.

So engrossed,

I anticipate commotion

But for now it’s simply me in a room making these notes and

I can only speculate as to the things that will unfold in here –

Bold words from a person facing unknown forces…



A hundred chairs glare in menace at a table top,

Angled with an accuracy that actually makes me wait and stop

And think about the poor four people who will face a lot

Of scrutiny today.

Unusually staid

Is the way that I’d describe this place because I know its purpose.

The person who has interrupted my display of words has

Spelled it out.

As he led me out, I thought I’d ask the question:

“What’s happening here today then?”

“A wedding.”





At the moment it’s a tomb

But this room is actually a womb, for a love in bloom.

A hundred happy people looking at the bride and groom,

Maybe snapping happy pics and clapping hands and maybe soon…


…and not a single person in there will appreciate my story.

Beyond ignored – the author of a literal allegory.

I stood in here for minutes feeling unimagined forces

That for some uncertain reason are continuing to draw me.


-Unseen Flirtations



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