Top 10: Ways you know you’re insecure

Top 10: Ways you know you’re insecure (Guest critic: My entire year 11 class)

in·se·cure   /ˌɪnsɪˈkyʊər/  Show Spelled[in-si-kyoor]


1. subject to fears, doubts, etc.; not self-confident or assured: an insecure person.

2. not confident or certain; uneasy; anxious: He was insecure about the examination.

A detailed analysis of how you know you’re insecure, as provided by my ridiculous year 11 GCSE class. We’re currently studying the ancient modern drama ‘Educating Rita’, today looking at the theme of insecurity. (They’re all boys by the way, if that means anything.)

-Unseen Flirtations

You know you’re insecure…

  1. …when you find yourself crying in the shower.
  2. …when you start talking about what to write on your blog from your GCSE class.
  3. …when you prance around school with a clipboard and a walkie-talkie.
  4. …when you have many different personalities which don’t match your true self.
  5. …when you act nervously around people and don’t know who you are (or flirt around girls).
  6. …when you spend hours on YouTube looking at cats
  7. …when you tell your students about your marriage proposal
  8. …when you tell everyone in the room you are insecure.
  9. …when you dwell on the past. Thinking of things you should have said.
  10. …when you have a desire to overthrow the government and lead a revolution.
  11. …when you are trying to be funny all of the time, even when you’re on your own or asleep.
  12. …when you compare yourself to an imaginary version of yourself who is much better than you. Just remember you’re not his type.
  13. …when you list the reasons your English class is insecure as a way of concealing your insecurity.
  14. …when you crave attention, approval and acknowledgment, and find yourself dependent in another person for the sole purpose of the feeling of familiarity they provide.
  15. …when you constantly don’t fit in… and think you are fat… and keep trying to justify why you are a nob.
  16. …when you doubt your actions, have problems with appearance, afraid of individualism, having to hide behind a mask
  17. …when you have an endless feeling of despair
  18. …when you drown in your own tears
  19. …when people stand and laugh at you
  20. …when suicide feels like your only option
  21. …when you go out with a women (sic) 20 years younger as you can’t get anyone your own age
  22. …when you try to write or think up deep stuff, when you blatantly have no idea wahgwan
  23. …when you can’t buy a pint of milk on your own
  24. …when you think you are gay
  25. …when you repeat Jersey Shore phrases. Bugos for the boys.
  26. …when you write insecure reasons for your insecurity
  27. …when you’re into fashion
  28. …if you talk all the time to drown out your brain
  29. …when you try too hard to please (being a jester, being a bitch etc)
  30. …when you act differently in different surroundings
  31. …when you write a blog post about insecurity
  32. …when you purposefully read a blog post about insecurity



2 thoughts on “Top 10: Ways you know you’re insecure

  1. ‘…if you talk all the time to drown out your brain’ is a good one!
    not sure about ‘…when you think you are gay’ or is this different from ‘knowing’ you are gay?

  2. You know you’re insecure when you list “Top 10 ways to know you’re insecure” with most of the credit going to Year 11 boys and it’s a list of around your age rather than that of the simple 10 you promised because you probably had felt all those ways at some point of life… LOL

    but being completely honest, as funny as they were everyone has felt/done at least 10 of the things on that list, whether they are ready to admit it is a whole different ball game. /DrPhil

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