Twitter can be a serious distraction. I use it almost daily, largely to procrastinate but sometimes to explore new ideas and make useful connections (like #hiphoped, for example). Recently, I found myself retweeting a few tweets from an account I follow called @TopFilmTip. Essentially, @TopFilmTip provides excellent, pithy, entertaining micro-reviews of a range of films […]

Filler ’14 Litchrally ‘Gzactly Sort-ov Kind-ov Yunoe Lihke Andum … Yeah.    

The threads and fibres that connect us. (Click here to read part I)   The Magic of Modern Sweatshop Slavery (part II) Obroni wawu – ‘dead white man’s clothes’   Our rumpelstilted second skins, Consigned to waste in bags and skip, Will undergo a second phase Of transformation, on the ships That cargo from our […]

If in doubt, always ask the kids. We’re approaching the end of the summer term, which means schemes of work drifting to an end and whole-school events interrupting a few more lessons than usual. With new challenges ahead, I’ve decided to focus largely on reflection and review – working out what happened this year and […]

Violence Burn the history books. Gouge the eyes Of your children: Don’t disguise. Your worthless values In roc-a-bye rhythms. Don’t decide: There is no given. Leave them blind. What you see Is what you saw: Leave them be. And if you can’t provide That pitch of darkness, Then slit their throats: To start the silence. […]

Originally posted on tait coles @Totallywired77 – PuNk Learning:
I’ve been reading a lot of Biesta recently, and thinking. The idea of evidence-based research and linking it to current practice and policy takes its origins from the field of medicine; it has since spread to other professions such as social work, probation, clinical psychology and…

Hello. If a better poem than this you have not read today, please share. If not, I understand your moving on. Best, -Unseen Flirtations     Doors Closing Getting off the tube, is a biblical move. Less like Jesus, more like Moses. Doors opening. I can’t walk on you, but I can part through you: […]


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