Form can wait. -Unseen Flirtations   Nine Rooms Ahead Left out the café – quick look behind – glance at the writers – ambling through – gift shop – left – quick look at the sky – sunlight on commerce – shiny. Cool. Jaunty step through to the darkest enclave – look left – what’s […]

Toddlers Are Barely enough empathy to understand the patience, waiting patiently for independence, making links, gestation. All the old discoveries discover self importance, nothing short of self assured the cord is fraught, taught and important. Social codes aborted, brought back and re-recorded, pulled taut and then ignored and left to slacken into ocean depths of self-realised […]

Be Not Afraid “My mind moves like a tron bike, uh, pop a wheelie on the zeitgeist…” – Kanye West, ‘I’m in it’ Be not afraid of zeitgeist. Some disbelieve it, Some won’t achieve it. And some pop a wheelie on it. Be not afraid of wheelies. Some try them freely, Some do them, nearly, […]

404 tomorrows You can’t google a dry stone wall, Squat as a keyboard, beneath a tree, With branches touch typing the skies. And you can’t really google shingles underfoot, Slipping under pressure, like broken URLs For poorly spelled search terms. And you unfortunately can’t google unimpeded views, Rolling before you like search term returns For […]

Kiss If you wish to miss a bit Of life, then find a pair of lips You’d like to kiss and press against With gentle pressure, angled head. Take the time you would have spent On life and pour it into death; Capsize into the swirling calm With eyelids down and tangled arm. Share the […]

Blue Jean Team We’re the Lifestyle chasing, Story botching, Signal seeking, Diamond chasing, Pride denying, Icon crumbling, Planet renting, Frontier claiming, Denim wearing… Blue Jean Team: Small screen starers, Cheap clothes wearers, Old hope bearers. New child namers, Space race racers, Blue Jean Team: Frontier claimers. Blue Jean Team: Resource wasters, New god fearers, Slow […]

Hello. So I’ve been studying conflict poetry with my year 8s this half term. Because they’re doing a project on WW1 across Humanities and Art, I decided to let the unit sprawl into WW1 poetry. All fairly standard fare to begin with – until, of course, I found myself listening to Eminem on youtube while […]


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